Best Gifts for Father’s Day 2021 - Gunderson's Jewelers
Dad kinda falls into a rut after a while, doesn’t he? We give him gifts that we think dad will like, such as a new tie, a new toy for the garage, and if he’s extra lucky maybe he’ll score a steak dinner. Has anyone asked dad if these are things he really wants?

shop Father's Day giftsWell, we have. The gift-giving experts (and dads) of Gunderson’s have collected a list of things that will make Father’s Day one that breaks the mold. This year, give dad a gift that he not only loves but will keep for a lifetime.

Here are our Best Gifts for Father’s Day:

A Stunning Piece from William Henry

William Henry turns the everyday accessory into a piece of art. Founded in 1997, WH specializes in combining natural materials, precious gemstones, and functionality into a number of items dad would find useful—and beautiful. Shop our extended collection of William Henry knives, bracelets, writing instruments, and cufflinks.

An Everyday Watch from Seiko

Chances are, you’ve heard of Seiko watches, the ubiquitous watch brand from Japan. Their world-wide popularity is well deserved. Not only are they handsome and durable, but they also offer an amazing value for the price. One of their most popular watch families is their Prospex series of dive watches. Clad in stainless steel, these water-resistant watches offer legible dials and automatic movements. Shop all of our Seiko watches.

Stack His Wrist with Bracelets from John Hardy

The relaxed vibes of John Hardy are the perfect addition to a business casual outfit. These pieces are made from woven sterling silver, intermixed with pops of 18kt yellow gold and gemstones. Perfect to stack up against a watch, but equally at home on the other wrist as well. Be sure to check out their collection of pendants, too! Find dads new bling.

Spruce Dad Up with an Updated Wedding Band

If you’re looking at updating dads wedding band, the experts at Gunderson’s can help navigate that process. With hundreds of styles available from leading manufacturers like Crown Ring, Carlex, and Bleu Royale, there is something for every style. Interested in a band with diamonds or alternative metals? We do that, too! Check out our inventory.

At Gunderson’s, we take Father’s Day seriously. Dads need love, too! From step-dads to grand-dads; dog-dads to soon-to-be-dads, the experts at Gunderson’s are standing by to help you make his Father’s Day one he’ll never forget. This year, give dad a gift that doesn’t sit on the shelf. Give him the gift of quality, available now at Gunderson’s.