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platinum engagement ringAre you thinking about choosing a platinum engagement ring? We think that’s a great idea! Platinum is a unique choice that fits the bill of many people who love the way gemstones look against a high-polished, icy-white metal. The bridal experts at Gunderson’s Jewelers are sharing with you their top reasons to choose platinum for your engagement ring—or any ring!

You should choose platinum if you don’t like the idea of having to rhodium plate a white gold ring to maintain its color.
In order to achieve that icy-white color we all know and love, white gold needs to be maintained with an electroplating of rhodium. With wear, that plating will slowly be worn away revealing a yellow or gray metal underneath—that’s the white gold without the rhodium plating! Platinum needs no such care. It comes out of the Earth a bright white color without the need for electroplating.

You should choose platinum if you had an allergic reaction to white gold.

Most likely that allergy was with nickel, a common alloy in the white gold. Because platinum is hypoallergenic and is not alloyed with nickel, it may make a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Also, the platinum rings available at Gunderson’s Jewelers are 95% platinum!  The alloys that platinum is most commonly paired with, ruthenium and cobalt, are present in such extremely small quantiles that there is little evidence of them causing an allergic reaction.

You should choose platinum if you like the idea of developing a patina on your ring.

When white gold gets worn, the rhodium plating will eventually wear through revealing the metal underneath: a dull, yellow blend that is not the most attractive. Platinum, however, develops a patina that turns the once ultra-white metal a warm grey; like the way fine leather ages. Some love the idea of a platinum ring telling the stories of its years of wear through the patina it develops. Others prefer the high polish that platinum is famous for—the goldsmiths at Gunderson’s Jewelers can easily maintain that polished finish if the patina doesn’t suit your taste.

You should choose platinum if you want something hardwearing—and ultra-rare.

platinum engagement ringsMost geologists and economists agree—humans have mined approximately 8 million ounces of platinum from the Earth. Sounds like a lot, right? Platinum is so dense that those 8 million ounces placed together would resemble a cube measuring 7.5 feet on all sides. If all the platinum that was ever mined was collected in the same place, it would fit into an average sized living room. Wouldn’t a platinum cube really tie your room together?
The dense nature of platinum atoms allows for the metal to be very resilient to wear. When contrasted to the loose arrangement of gold atoms that are more easily worn away, platinum is the perfect choice for something that sees a lot of wear—like prongs holding a gemstone in place.

Let Us Find You the Perfect Platinum Ring!

Platinum is a wonderful metal choice for someone looking for a ring in white metal. It’s hardwearing nature and white color have enthralled those fortunate enough to wear it for centuries. If you’re on the fence between choosing white gold or platinum, the bridal experts at Gunderson’s Jewelers are here to help guide you while you search for the perfect engagement ring to celebrate your love.