How Would I Wear That? The (Analog) Wristwatch - Gunderson's Jewelers

Let’s face it—the world of high-end watches is dominated by big, brawny timepieces aimed at a male dominated customer base. That’s just the fact. Many watch enthusiast groups are almost exclusively boys’ clubs with maybe an odd female member here and there.

We want to change that.

The wristwatch was invented for a woman, after all. Watchmakers Patek and Phillipe (yep, that Patek and Phillipe) took a pocket watch and modified it to be worn on the wrist of Countess Koscowicz of Hungary way back in 1868. It was initially meant to be a decorative piece of jewelry, but members of the Hungarian elite became jealous of this haute new way of referencing the time and wanted a wristwatch of their own.

The rest is history.

This month, we’re going to encourage the ladies to revisit their true heritage of being wristwatch owners (and not just an Apple watch, either!). We’re going to show you how the old school analog watch is not only useful but beautiful as well.


Tudor Black Bay 36
Tudor Black Bay 36, ref. M79580-0002The clean, uncomplicated lines of this Tudor Black Bay lean more casual but remember—casual doesn’t have to be boring. See how effortless the Black Bay looks paired next to a few of our favorite Hulchi Belluni bracelets. The black dial and high-polished steel bezel make the Black Bay a lot more versatile than one may think. To make it even easier to wear, Tudor offers this watch on a choice of two leather straps, one fabric NATO-style strap, and a stainless-steel bracelet.

Tudor was founded by Hans Wilsdorf, who had already founded another very famous watch brand, as a lower priced alternative to his higher end offerings. The Black Bay has long been the flagship collection from Tudor, offering accurate timekeeping in a tough-as-nails package. The watch has a case size of 36mm making it impressive on the wrist while still being easy to wear. Inside is an automatic movement that needs no battery.

What is it? Tudor Black Bay, ref. M79580-0002
How much does it cost? $2,625 - $2,950 depending on strap
How would I wear it? Against anything with texture: denim, linen, even heavier wool sweaters. And stacked with all your favorite flexible bracelets!


Omega DeVille Tresor Quartz
Omega Deville Tresor Quartz, ref. 428. has long been a pioneer of timekeeping innovation including making the first watch approved by NASA to be worn on the Moon. While this watch isn’t certified for manned space travel, it is stunningly appointed with graduated diamonds set on opposing lugs making it lean more to fashion than function. The black dial matched with a black leather strap round out the package to make a stunning, elegant impression. If black isn’t your color, Omega offers this model in other colorways as well.

The striking contrast between brilliant diamonds, high polished steel, and gloss black make this watch the perfect piece for your formal occasions. It may not be as versatile as our other selections, but it does what it’s designed for very well. It has a quartz movement that runs for an extended interval without needing a battery change—making less hassle for you!

What is it? Omega Deville Tresor Quartz, ref. 428.
How much does it cost? $5,100
How would you wear it? With black—and diamonds. Lots, and lots, of diamonds.


Michele Sidney Classic Diamonds
Michele Sidney Classic Diamonds, ref. MWW30B000001Michele is a great choice for the woman who wants a watch that is sporty, dressy, and affordable at the same time. Most of their watches feature interchangeable bracelets and straps to truly tailor your watch to your outfit. The Sidney Classic is no different—its stainless-steel case and bracelet are complimented by a diamond bezel, mother-of-pearl dial, and diamond markers. Should you wish to dress it up a bit, you can switch the bracelet out with any 14mm Michele strap!

The multi-link bracelet on the Sidney Classic is very conducive be worn next to textured bracelets—think Cuban link, pave diamonds, or something with brushed metals. And because everything on the watch is either white or silver, it’s neutral enough to be easily worn with any color outfit. The watch is powered by a robust quartz movement that allows easy care and maintenance.

What is it? Michele Sidney Classic Diamonds, ref. MWW30B000001
How much does it cost? $2,195
How would you wear it? With everything! It wears a little on the casual side, but can take you just about everywhere you need to go and look the part.


How Would I Wear That? However You Want!
Our customers agree—the wristwatch is a bona fide piece of jewelry. Not only are they beautiful to look at, the amount of precision engineering that goes into creating a timekeeping device is nothing short of art. We hope you were able to get an idea of just how versatile (and inherently feminine!) a quality watch can be. Make a bold statement on your wrist with a new watch; let Gunderson’s be your guide!