Rene Escobar: An Introduction - Gunderson's Jewelers

Rene EscobarNot all jewelry has to sparkle. Let’s be serious: it helps if it does sparkle but it doesn’t have to. That can be a good thing—especially when you want to add jewelry to a more casual or low-key outfit. The muted tones of textured and oxidized precious metals create something between sparkle and fizzle; perhaps we can call it glow. Just to confirm: glowing instead of sparkling is not a bad thing.

Rene Escobar shares the same love for the glow. Born in Nicaragua, Rene learned the trade of couture jewelry by observing his highly skilled father custom cast pieces for those lucky enough to commission a piece with him. By the time Rene was old enough to start a career for himself, in the early 1980’s, social unrest in Nicaragua persuaded him to seek out education and a better life in southern Florida.

Once there, Rene realized that his real passion was the family business: making jewelry. He established himself as a well-rounded jeweler and got his first goldsmithing job in America shortly after his arrival. After a few years working for someone else, he founded Rene Escobar Inc as a custom studio creating one-off pieces for interested clients in the Southeastern US.

Gunderson’s is proud to be a one of a select number of jewelers that have been trusted to carry Rene’s work. We really appreciate the way he ties fine gemstones and precious metals together in a way that is both elegant and easy to wear. By constructing some of his pieces with a cap of precious metal over a sterling silver core, he’s able to offer the allure of gold without the cost that normally comes with it.

One of the most iconic features of Rene Escobar’s design language is his use of texture in his pieces. The crosshatched texture, appearing almost like the weave of denim, is found on nearly all his pieces. This texture allows the metal to appear subdued giving off a faint glow in the process. Being the tasteful designer he is, Rene sprinkles in the occasional diamond to add the perfect amount of sparkle.

Speaking of his texture reminding us of denim, we really like pairing Rene Escobar with fabrics that have heft—like a denim jacket or wool. This makes wearing his pieces inherently easy—no need for heels or black dresses! Just throw on a pair of his earrings, a right-hand ring, or one of his best-selling bangle bracelets and you’re set for a semi-casual weekday at the office or running errands!

At Gunderson’s, we’re committed to helping you celebrate your life with jewelry, even if the only thing you’re celebrating is life itself. A piece from Rene Escobar is a perfect place to start your collection, or to diversify your existing jewelry wardrobe. Stop in to see the collection—and find a piece of Rene Escobar for yourself!