Beautifully Uneek: A Brand Story - Gunderson's Jewelers
Uneek diamond engagement ring

If you want the best, you need to shop at Gunderson’s. You’ve made good progress—you’re here reading about one of our amazing brands. And if you want the best of the best, you need to take a look at the quality and design of Uneek.

Designer Benjamin Javaheri literally grew up in the diamond trade. His mother’s family were metalsmiths; involved in jewelry-making and retailing for generations in their native Iran. After relocating to California when he was four, Benjamin proceeded to finish school and established a small diamond brokerage firm. Business was good, and by 1997 Benjamin had established Uneek Jewelry Collections, allowing him to offer design services to a wider variety of high-end clients. He was the brains and creative force for haute-couture jewelry from Neil Lane, Alan Friedman, Neiman Marcus, DeBeers, and more. By 2001, Uneek launched its own branded line of fine jewelry. While the company has grown exponentially, Uneek still makes each and every piece in their Los Angeles studio with an impeccable eye for detail.

While design played a major part in Javaheri deciding to create his own line, it was the love of the gemstone that pulled him through. In fact, he sees Uneek has a type of vessel for a loose diamond. “A beautiful diamond is like a treasured work of art. It requires the perfect frame to enhance and protect its beauty”, said Javaheri. At Gunderson’s, we’re happy to work with Uneek to design and create stunning mountings for our clients most precious diamonds. When we need the best, we choose to work with Uneek.

And at the end of the day, Gunderson’s and Uneek share a lot of the same values in common. We think Benjamin put it best when he said: “I love the good feeling I get when something came from my head and my heart gives joy and satisfaction to someone else, too”. We do too, Benjamin. We do too.

For a look at our entire Uneek collection, stop in or check it out online. Because when you want the best, you want Uneek.  Click here to view products.