How Would I Wear That? Wearing Vintage and Modern Jewelry--Together - Gunderson's Jewelers
We all have that one piece of jewelry that we never quite know what to do with. Maybe it’s a piece from our childhood, or something you inherited from a family member. The expert stylists at Gunderson’s are here to help you take those beloved pieces and incorporate them into something you will wear!

Do you have some modern pieces and are looking to bring some classic or vintage looks into your life? We can help with that, too! On top of having a stunning variety of watches, engagement rings, and fashion jewelry, Gunderson’s has an ever-changing collection of vintage and estate jewelry waiting to be discovered.

Re-imagined Cameo broochRe-Imagined Cameo Brooch
If you have even the slightest interest in vintage jewelry, chances are you’ve come across a cameo brooch (or five!). These brooches are relief-carved from carnelian or sardonyx shell. The outside lighter color contrasts with the deeper color revealed after carving. Most of the carved portraits were of deities or royalty— think of it as a permanent selfie.

The talented goldsmiths at Gunderson’s were interested in altering these vintage brooches. Once thought dated, now they restyled into something spooky! By carving more material away, the original stately portraits turn into something quite interesting. We often have several of these in-stock or we can custom-carve an existing cameo brooch for you!

Re-Imagined Cameo Brooch
When Was it Popular? Late Middle-Ages to the Victorian Era
How Else Can I Wear It? As a bolo tie, a hair pin, or a statement necklace

Star Sapphire and Diamond RingStar Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Before the trend of diamond engagement rings was made permanent, sapphire was a common choice of center stone. It became a popular choice not only because of its strength (its hardness is second only to diamond) but also because of its intense color and beauty. If exposed to just enough of the mineral rutile while forming, sapphire can exhibit a phenomenon known as asterism: displaying a six-pointed ‘star’ when held in the light.

Star-sapphire can appear ‘milkier’ than the commonly seen electric blue examples, allowing it to be either worn in a classic or modern fashion. This ring in platinum falls in the very traditional camp, with a diamond halo and tapered baguettes. When it is styled with a diamond eternity band as seen here, you’d never guess it was almost 100 years old!

Star-Sapphire and Diamond Ring
When Was it Popular? The sapphire hey-day peaked during the Deco period
How Else Can I Wear It? On any finger! This is a ring in need of a party!

Bold Yellow Gold BraceletBold Yellow Gold Bracelet

Ah yes, the 1970’s. A time of big and bold outfits with no limits! We’re not advocating redoing your wardrobe with copious amounts of paisley, but we are fans of the chunky yellow gold bracelet. For drama, wear it alone with matching gold hoops. If you’re looking for something more coordinated, incorporate it into your existing wardrobe and pair it with diamonds and a two-tone watch.

Yellow gold can look great both high-polished and textured. Keep in mind that the more high-polished pieces you wear, the more formal the (jewelry) outfit tends to lean. If you’re working from home, or spend more time in denim, consider bringing more texture into your jewelry! It adds interest and helps the whole outfit flow together.

Bold Yellow Gold Bracelet
When Were They Popular? In the US, yellow gold peaked in the 1970’s
How Else Can I Wear It? Go all out match it with other bold, yellow gold pieces.

Be sure to keep your eyes locked on this page next month for more inspiration on how to re-style your vintage pieces—or to add some to your modern looks. Jewelry is meant to play together! Don’t let your existing pieces languish in a jewelry box, let the stylish people at Gunderson’s help put a look together for you!