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There is no other piece of jewelry more personal than your engagement ring. Not only does it represent love and devotion between you and your partner, but its design is also a reflection of your true self. Can’t find the perfect ring in the case? Don’t just settle for something ‘good enough’—let the experts at Gunderson’s help guide you through the process of designing and your very own custom engagement ring. We make the custom designing process stress free—even fun! Our in-house team of goldsmiths, gemologists, and custom designers are here to assist you along the way!

should I get a custom made engagement ring

Here’s a general outline of how the custom-design process works:

-The Initial Appointment
Our team of custom designers are able to meet with you either in-person or virtually, making creating your custom engagement ring very convenient! During your initial appointment, the custom designer will work with you to establish the general groundwork for your design. They’ll probably take notes on your ideas, measure your finger size, and answer any questions you may have.

-The Sketch
After your first meeting, our custom designer will get to work putting together the initial design for your custom engagement ring. This will give you a sense of how the finished product will look—normally delivered in the form of a pencil sketch. Another tool the custom designer may use is a CAD image, which is essentially a blueprint for how your ring will be cast. After your approval of the design, the project gets sent to cast. Casting is the process of pouring hot, molten gold, silver, or platinum into a specialized mold of your custom ring. This is where things get exciting!

-Enjoy Your Custom Ring!
Once your ring is completed, we’ll invite you in for the big reveal! Think lots of pictures, maybe a selfie, and a toast to wearing your new ring in good health! The next step is easy: just enjoy wearing it!

See? It’s that easy! How fun would it be to design your own engagement ring!? If you need any more convincing that customizing your own engagement ring is worth it, here are a few more reasons that a custom engagement ring from Gunderson’s is the way to go:

-There Will Never Be Another Like It!
Just like a diamond, all custom-made engagement rings are one-of-a-kind. If you’re the type of person who can’t stand the thought of someone else having a ring like yours, one that is custom made may be the answer!

-You Get Exactly What You Want
With a custom engagement ring from Gunderson’s, you have near total control over what your ring looks like. That means adding all of the little details you love-- and none that you don’t. Our custom designers are also available to add their expert insight into your design if you need.

-You Inherited a Family Diamond
If you inherited a diamond (or another gemstone) from a family member, the custom design team would love to help you design a ring to set it in! Custom design is also helpful if you have multiple inherited diamonds to set into a single ring.

-You Inherited a Family Ring
We can also design a ring around an existing wedding band or engagement ring! This is helpful if you’re having no luck matching a new wedding band around a vintage mounting—we’ll custom make you one that will match perfectly!

At Gunderson’s, we’re in the business of making you happy. Celebrate your most meaningful moments with a custom-made engagement ring—designed by you. Our team of custom-designers are standing by, ready to create your next heirloom. Contact us now to schedule an initial appointment!