How Would I Wear That?  September 2021 - Gunderson's Jewelers

If there is one fad we’re watching closely, it would have to be the resurgence of yellow gold. Gone are the days of having cases filled with white gold or platinum pieces. Instead, we’re seeing more and more yellow gold come through both in bridal and fashion trends. What does that mean to you?

It means those pieces you’ve inherited or stopped wearing are suddenly relevant again! Dust off those hoops, bangles, and chunky fashion rings. Check out our guide to wearing some vintage yellow gold pieces below with some of our favorites from our Vintage Collection!

Gold Bow Brooch Pendant

Gold Bow Brooch PendantOriginally, this yellow gold bow necklace was a brooch intended to be worn on a sweater or frock. As ladies fashion tended toward dramatic necklines, the brooch became passé as the pendant necklace gained prominence. Brooches like this one, saved from being scrapped, have become popular statement pieces when transformed into a pendant.

Worn with other more delicate pieces, the bow can easily add a focal point to a crowded necklace stack. Alone, it is dramatic and begging to be paired with other chunky yellow gold pieces. If you want to lean Retro keep it simple with a pair of small gold hoop earrings. Want to turn it up? Wear it layered up with your other yellow gold pieces!

Gold Bow Brooch Pendant
When Was it Popular? Brooches hit their stride in the mid-20th Century
How Else Can I Wear It? Have a Gunderson’s goldsmith add a pin—convertible brooch!

Tiffany and Co. ‘Watch’ Bracelet

Yellow gold bracelets and Tiffany and Co. watch braceletIf you think Instagram etiquette is confusing, think again. Societal norms in the 19th and 20th Centuries filled volumes of books on what to do, what to wear, and how to act in every conceivable situation. One of those un-written rules were that women did not need to wear a watch; what did it matter to them what time it was? They were to be seen—not heard.

Hello, 2021! Women are no longer subject to those archaic rules and can now do their own thing—like wear a watch! Watches like this one made by Tiffany were never meant to be excellent timekeepers, but rather a decorative addition to an existing jewelry ensemble. In fact, the wristwatch itself was created for women to discreetly check the time while masquerading as a bracelet. For a modern look, stack it with other dainty pieces.

Tiffany and Co. ‘Watch’ Bracelet
When Was it Popular? Late 1920’s ‘til the mid-70’s
How Else Can I Wear It? In a way that says: ‘I can tell my own time, thank-you-very-much!’

Modified Hoop ‘Wreath’ Drop Earrings

18K Yellow Gold modified hoop wreath drop earringsBig yellow gold hoops don’t have to be high-polished. These front-facing hoops have a wonderfully textured finish that makes them pop. Fully articulated, these earrings move and wear beautifully. Being that they weigh almost 17 grams of pure 18kt yellow gold, their easy-wearing clip-on design makes them comfortable on the ear.

Earrings (and jewelry in general) respond to the fashion of the times and these hoops are no different. As hairstyles got shorter, the earrings became larger. Not to dissuade you from wearing these stunners with long hair: their impressive size and texture will get noticed no matter what. Don’t be afraid to wear your hair up with these—and complete the suite with more yellow gold! When in doubt, wear more!

Modified Hoop ‘Wreath’ Drop Earrings
When Were They Popular? The cultural revolution of the 1960’s & 70’s
How Else Can I Wear Them? Mix your textures—these would look great with a chunky wool sweater

If there is one final piece of advice we can offer you when wearing yellow gold—wear more of it! It loves to have company. Add in some texture and you’ve got an instantly chic outfit with an attitude that says I do know style. If you have an existing yellow gold piece you’re looking to build a wardrobe around—stop in! Our stylish sales professionals at Gunderson’s would love to help. On the fence about yellow? Stop in—we’ll make you a believer.