Inspired Inheritance: A Custom Story - Gunderson's Jewelers

Have you ever wanted to custom design a ring but worried your design was too… basic? No such thing! Our designers at Gunderson’s are ready to help you make any dream you have a reality—even if it’s finding a new home for an inherited diamond!

One of our longtime clients referred her friend, Carol, to us with a diamond she had been given by her mother. She envisioned a modern three-stone ring with her inherited diamond set in the center. Sounds simple, right? Carol had a few requests that she couldn’t find in a mounting from the case. No problem—the custom designers at Gunderson’s were excited to help!

Our talented custom designer, Katie, sat down with Carol and began to sketch out her ideal three-stone ring. Set in 14kt white gold, the ring incorporated both of her requests: an open gallery that allows light on all sides of the diamonds to allow maximum sparkle, and a rounded, smooth shank to make the ring very easy to wear.

Sketches are great tools for clients that are more apt to visualize things in a two-dimensional format. They also help the designer conceptualize any design elements that may need addressing before the CAD process starts. The ring design is then programmed into a specialized Computer Aided Drafting program that allows it to be cast.

Once the ring itself was back from casting, our goldsmiths began carefully preparing to set the diamonds—including the heirloom our client inherited. Carol ended up selecting two beautifully matched round diamonds as the side stones to her new piece. After the diamonds are set and inspected, the ring is given a final polish and steam cleaning.

The finished ring made Carol speechless! Not only was she able to continue to wear the diamond her mother left her, but she was able to do it in a ring design she loved! Not every custom job is complex, some are just sentimental. Either way, the team at Gunderson’s will help bring your idea to life. Stop in and let us help get the process started!