What Should I Do with Inherited Jewelry? - Gunderson's Jewelers

So, you inherited a diamond. Maybe a few pieces of jewelry that were important to a member of your family? And yet maybe you’ve inherited an entire jewelry box full of rings, earrings, and necklaces that you are uncertain what to do with. Trust us—you’re not the first one to have this conundrum!
Fortunately, the experts at Gunderson’s are here to help! There are several things you can do with inherited jewelry or gemstones, including diamonds. Keep reading for some tips on what to do with diamonds or jewelry that you’ve inherited:jeweler checking ring

Wear It!
Perhaps the easiest (and quickest!) solution is to wear your newly inherited jewelry as is! The experts at Gunderson’s are happy to examine the new-to-you pieces and suggest any repairs that may be needed to make sure everything is secure for daily wear. Often times a simple cleaning will make even the a previously unattractive piece pop! Call ahead to schedule a time for a complimentary exam and cleaning.

Sell or Trade It!
If you’d rather part with the jewelry that you inherited, our team of buyers at Gunderson’s are happy to examine each piece and offer you a fair market value. This no obligation offer can be paid via check or be used as trade value towards jewelry you actually will wear!

Customize it!
Not only does quality jewelry last a lifetime—it can even last many! By using the custom design services at Gunderson’s, you can re-imagine the sentimental jewelry that was left to you into something more fashionable while retaining the memories that the inherited jewelry carries with it. We have experience in simple projects like matching a diamond from an engagement ring for a pair of earrings to more complex work, like re-designing a series or rings and gemstones into one statement piece. No matter the scope of your custom ideas, the team at Gunderson’s is here to help!

At Gunderson’s, we’re in the business of making you happy. Let us help re-imagine the jewelry your loved ones entrusted you with. No matter which direction you choose, know that the experts at Gunderson’s will make sure you are taken care of. Contact us today for more info!